Hợp Âm Wonderland

Hợp Âm Wonderland

Capo 3

Intro: [C]

[C]Flashing lights and we

Took a wrong turn and we

[Am]Fell down a rabbit hole.

You [C] held on tight to me

‘Cause nothing’s as it seems

And [Am]spinning out of control.

[F]Didn’t they tell [Am]us don’t rush into things

[G]Didn’t you flash [Am] your green eyes at me

[F] Haven’t you heard [Am] what become of curious G minds?

[F] Didn’t it all [Am]seem new and exciting

[G] I felt your [Am] arms twisting around me

[F] I should’ve slept [Am]with one eye open at [G]night.


[F] We found [C] Wonderland

[G] You and I got [Am] lost in it

And [F]we pre-[C]tended it could [G]last forever. [Am]

[F]We found [C]Wonderland

[G]You and I got [Am]lost in it

And [F]life was [C] never worse but [G]never better. [Am]

[F] [C] [G] In [Am] Wonderland

[F] [C] [G] In [Am] Wonderland

[F] [C] [G] In [Am] Wonderland.[C]

So [C]we went on our way

Too in love to think straight

[Am]All alone or so it seemed.

But there were [C]strangers watching

And whispers turned to talking

And [Am] talking turned to screams, oh.

[F] Didn’t they tell [Am]us don’t rush into things

[G]Didn’t you flash [Am]your green eyes at me

[F]Didn’t you calm [Am]my fears with a Cheshire cat [G]smile

[F]Didn’t it all seem [Am]new and exciting

[G]I felt your[Am] arms twisting around me

[F]It’s all fun and games [Am]

till somebody looses their mind[G].



I [G]reached for you but [Am]you were gone [F] [C]

I [G]knew I had to [Am]go back home

You [F]searched the world for [C]something else

To [G]make you feel like [Am]what we had

And [F]in the end, in Won-[C]derland

We [G]both went[C] mad.


In Wonderland.[C]

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